I have major ocd when it comes to neatness and cleanness.I hate it so much,everytime i go to my bfs i have to clean his room and make sure everything is perfect or i will go crazy.Even the bed has to be perfect everytime i move or he moves nd the bed gets messed up i have to fix it.I hate goin over there because the house is always a complete mess and i jst get the urge to clean but i dont i'll clean my bfs stepbrother's room but thats it.One reason why i usually stay in m bfs room.When i go to my friends house and their place is a mess i will beg them to go somewhere else bc my ocd kicks in and i cant stand it.My room isnt perfect but it is organize and i kno where everything is if smething gets moved i will get upset everything has to stay the way i put it.Ocd is something i rly hate havin i even hav ocd with my hair i have to straighten it before i go to bed and once i wake up or i will not lik my hair.Sometimes i will have ocd with my clothes too i take forever sometimes to ge dressed in the mornin because i dont lik the outfit im wearin or something just dont fit right.
demonicsangel2011 demonicsangel2011
22-25, F
May 16, 2012