What Do I Do?

I have had OCD so long, its a constant part of my life. So trying to change that is hard, but its also hard to know how to spend my time, how to live a life without OCD, how to be myself now. OCD was all i knew for so long, the world seems so crazy, coming from my bubble. Its hard to figure out how to get back into it. Anyone else know the feeling?
RamonaM RamonaM
22-25, F
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Yeah, I don't think that I realized how much time ocd took up, because I'm not fully treated yet but just imagining how much time that I will have is overwhelming, let alone what happens when you actually get there. And it's not like you can ask questions about how to act well normal. Overwhelmingness!

yes i have lived with ocd since i was very young getting better has been a process of time and working with my meds to help overcome ocd thinking i have good day and sometimes not so good days but i am much better than before i would take it a day at a time ,get therapy if you need it and proceed in a positive way . you will see it is all a process i have a book i use as well called Obessive Compulsive Disorders by Fred Penzel phd . vinny

yrs i have ocd and feel like i lost a part of myself due to the illness i am ok now but there is no cure for ocd i use meds every day a book thathas helped me is Obessive Compulsive Disorders by Fred Penzel phd

Hi Ramona i was searching for ocd ppl. i found Ur article, um i know many ppl who i have d same problem, what i can suggest rather request u is pls let me know in detail what exactly u suffers from like, what kind of thoughts , feelings u get in daily life , reason behind asking dis is i may let u know some points or i may suggests u something...
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vikrant, India.