My OCD has always been there. For as long as I can remember.

There is two parts to it.

Firstly, my obsession with the number 5. I chew in multiples of 5. I will switch a light on and off in multiple of 5. I have to even take steps in multiples of 5. I can remember doing this from as young as 6/7 years old. It doesn't affect me too much. Most people don't even notice.

The second being, my obsession with germs. Now I know most people don't want to catch germs, but this is ridiculous. If someone takes a crisp out of my packet, I won't eat anymore. I have to plate up every meal I eat myself. I can't share a drink with someone. If someone touches me that I don't know, I totally freak out and go wash as soon as I can. My mother said I was like it as a toddler.

I can't understand why I am like this. It takes over everything I do. So fed up of it.
Jodym134 Jodym134
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It just annoys me that it takes over my whole life. It's not like its even helping. I am constantly ill anyway, so why am I obsessed with not catching germs when clearly I am anyway?

This is so difficult, but it's normal. It's okay to feel this way and you're not alone. You're staying safe and clean and if you feel the need to surpass this you will!