Ocd In The 1970's

Beware psychiatrists. One told me that the explanations for the symptoms that OCD sufferer's come up with can be labeled "delusions" by psychiatrists. Sure enouugh, that happened to me in the 1970's. They treated me with neuroleptics, and didn't respect me enough to warn me about "Akathesia" a side effect that can make one suicidal, it is so bad.

Today, neuroleptics are occasionally used to pop OCD sufferers out of their obsessons. I'm not convinced that is good, nor that all psychiatrists understand what akathesia is. One told me, "It's just restlessness." while another told me, "I've seen akathesia make grown men cry." The latter was a medical school professor.

Remember, too, that a psychiatrist may be able to charge more to an insurance company by over-pathologizing you.

Buyer beware!
crispus crispus
Dec 8, 2012