Lice, Does Anyone Else Have A Fear And Obsessive Compulsions About Them?

I don't have lice but my obsession is about them. I have to wash all of my bedding , clothes and towels, take a shower, Spray poison lice spray everywhere, boil my combs and brushes, Check my hair with lice combs over and over again.. I went to a place callled the Hair Farries again today. Of coures I don't have lice or any bugs.
It all started 6 years ago when my son went on a sleepover and got lice. It got so bad I was boiling clothes , shaved his hair to a crewcut. Constantly check him. The lice were gone but the fear and compulsions remained with me. I ended up in a psych ward.
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

I never project any of this on my son. I know he does not have lice so I don't check him or wash his clothes. Plus, I really try to get everything done while he is in school or out with friends. "He is aware of my problems" only because he sees me checking my hair or boiling combs one in awhile.