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I have the type of ocd that EVERYTHING has to be clean, good smelling, organized, and neat ..every day I'm vacuuming lysoling every thing bleaching the sinks and washing the dishes, cleaning my children's rooms counters, moping, and bathing my kids and I each day I have a 6 year old girl Sophie and a 5 year old boy Dakota so they are messy but I make sure they get flue and health shots frequently and as well as my self and I always keep us clean it something that stuck with me since I was 5 and always will..sometimes its a good thing :) I have a very clean house and very organized house :)
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I love my house being clean and spotless but if it isn't perfect everyday,well I am ok w/that.It has to be rough having ocd because it takes up a lot of one's time doing the same things when there are so many other things to do.I wish you well watermelon.

Yah its hard but I enjoy it by the WA my names valery but my username is watermelon :)

Hi Valery I am Rob from Seattle,nice to meet you.You look great btw,very pretty.

Thnx. Nice t meet u to if u look on my profile I'm posting pics of my kids :) so how old are you?

That is great Valery I am 45 actually ,how old are you?

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