I Have Ocd

I have had ocd as far back as I can remember. My first memory of it was when I was 3 years old, I had 5 dummys and each 1 had to be touching a certain part of my face for me to sleep. Other memories involve things like getting very anxious over people opening crisp packets upside down. It has got worse over the last few years it takes me 2 hours to go to bed at night Because i have to repeatedly check things are turned off and there's so many other things but its exhausting to even try and tell u about them all. I can't keep a job Because I have to be in a routine and when i get moved to a different department at work I have panic attacks. I never knew it was ocd untill a year ago when I watched a program on it. I am now on a waiting list for CBT I hope it works.
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good luck with it lol vinny

sorry to hear this i have ocd and have been through a lot like you i got on meds and a book called Obessive Compulsive Disorders turned me around and the meds combined help a great deal hang in there you can make it there is recovery but no cure ,get the help you need vinny