Test Taking Issues, Anyone?

As the title implies, I have a lot of test taking issues. My main issues are twofold:
1) The page has to look neat and perfect.
2) If I get stuck on a question, I can't move on from it. Even if I go to another question, I'm still thinking about the question I left. It causes me to start getting an "ocd" attack as I like to call it and I start doodling compulsively or scratching my scalp or wringing my hands.

As a 4th year math student at university, I am facing the daunting prospect of many tests that are more strictly timed than the exams I am used to. I thought I would ask here if any of you feel your OCD kicking in during tests, and how you cope.
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I get terrible tics with the pages of the test booklet during tests. I also can't stop thinking about skipped questions, like you. I bring a small rock with the words "Be Strong" written on it in sharpie and coated in nail polish. It is my worry rock and I rub it when I get anxious because its smoothness has a calming effect on me. I also have one that says "You Can Do It" and I would recommend making a worry rock to you. Just find a small garden rock, bigger than a pebble but small enough to fit in your hand and between your fingers. Then write something inspirational on it in sharpie and do 3 coats in the clear, finishing nail polish all over it to make it smooth and glossy.

I do the same thing. The teacher says to just move on if you get stuck on a question, but I can't. If I do, I constantly think about the other question and, as a result, I either get a bad grade on the test or I don't finish and I have to retake it. It gets on my nerves, because the highest grade that I have ever gotten in a test is an 85, except in math, where I can get through every question without a single problem.(Maybe because I can do everything in my head). It's funny because the teacher gets so annoyed and there's nothing that she can do about it. Haha I feel so mean :-P

I do have something like that...but my anxiety mainly kicks in the day before the test...I get so anxious I start crying and trembling until sedated... Because of this is obvious I cannot study..the thing is I do great in school...I have a 4.0 GPA out of four...but I never believe I will do good, My mind keeps telling me I am going to fail...and even if I manage to study I always feel i dont know anything... is hard and tiring...ive learned to control it a little bit...I am a 3rd year cell and molecular biochem major hoping to do an MD/PhD...who knowa if I can?...but the thing is to think that ill be better..think that it will pass and yes we will always have relapses...but also good days...think we are special and have a special brain...yeah it sucks but we are beautiful still and can do it...be brave and try to find motovation :)...ps: my dog is my best cure :)