I recently found out that I have OCD. I've always thought that the things I did were a tid bit obsessive.. but I never thought it'd be OCD. I have many of the symptoms; in cluding: frequent hand washing, equality with body/movements (like if I step on a crack with one foot, I must do the same with the other), the feeling of dread, the constant checking of things (like the stove), the need to touch certain things, the need for perfectionism with grammar (I get angry if I make a mistake), and MUCH more. I also suffer from depression and never knew why untill I found out I had OCD. OCD can cause depression and most of the time you don't know why. I find one disorder and it comes with another!
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This story has helped me a bit. I like finding other people who sometimes have to touch a certain thing because of OCD. It is the most common effect OCD has on me, but I find it hard to find online. It's good to know others have similar experiences. Good luck :)

You are more than welcome. :) lol, thanks. If only I liked mine!! :D

thanks :). that sucks you have a crazy doctor---i really like mine...

I know what you mean. I had looked it up when someone mentioned something about it to me. Though, I must admit, I haven't talked to my docter about it. You see, I'm not even 17 yet, so I've still got our family doc and she is nuts. I swear to you, no matter what you have, she'll tell you its "the cruds". One of these days, I'm gonna say, "Oh, and is that a term you learned in med school?" Anyway, yes, they do give meds for it, though I don't know to what extent or degree or whatever. If you think you have it, I'd suggest research and talking to your doctor. But, as far as I go, I can function just fine living with OCD and without medicine for it. Hope that helps, em4040!

Wow that sounds like I myself could be writing that. Last year I was diagnosed with depression mainly to do with my anxiety and too high expectations for myself. I do the same thing though with the cracks and grammar. I didn't know that would be considered OCD. I always saw OCD as someone who would walk into a room and have to turn the light switch off and on 99 times or something or they couldn't function. What did your doctor say about it---if you don't mind me asking, because I know they put some people on medication but maybe that's only for severe cases.

Yes! PoeticRejection, that sounds exactly like what I do!!

Thank you, all of you. I really appreciate your comments. erinthevalkyrie, that last bit you said really makes my thoughts go, in a good way. Thanks.

I used to have a lot of trouble with my depression too, until I started taking meds for my OCD and doing behavioral therapy. Now it is at a manageable level, to the point where me and my husband can joke about it. But dont ever let anyone make you feel like you should enjoy having OCD if you don't. Everyone handles it differently and has different symptoms.

Ever thought that your OCD could be a positive thing for you? I dont have OCD but as much as it is a burdon and can make you depressed. Maybe the right level of it can make you much better at your chosen field? And everyone's personality gets in the way of everyday life. Just a thought...

I too have OCD and sometimes it's a pain in the ***..know what I mean?<br />
It gets in the way of everyday life if I'm not careful and aware of what I am doing.