I get obsessed about stacking the food on the conveyor in the supermarket. it has to be right. if its not in order i cant get to it in time i walk away and let my partner deal with it. i constantly check the cooker knobs after cooking.
im very mild for most things but i can lie awake at night thinking about weather the door is ajar enough or if i have switched off the power cables to the laptop charger/phone charger. i make myself late because i have to check everything. also not really sure if its the same thing or not but if i have a bad experience or get ill i will not eat the food that reminds me of that time. eg i opened some bacon and a fly got on it and laid eggs. i will never eat bacon again.
i keep myself in check though and walk away if i cannot control the environment i am in if it erks me.
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i think i have ocd tendencies as well. i had food poisoning from cottage cheese once, won't ever eat that again. even tho it was about 20 yrs ago lol