Is My Car Locked?

I really love the TV show "Monk" and I feel so sorry for that poor guy, wrestling with his OCD.  I don't think I would be diagnosed with it, but I do have certain symptoms.  My worst one is car door locks.  I simply cannot lock my car and walk away!  I look, I check again, I walk away, I walk back, I check from different angles, at night it's worse, especially because I have to be sure the windows are up!  It's just sad.  I remember once being at the northern tip of Newfoundland and getting out of the car to whale watch.  It was incredibly remote, no people for miles, just me, my girlfriend, the icebergs, and the whales.  I locked the car and made sure to triple check it.  My girlfriend just about killed herself laughing at me. 
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I love monk, watching it helps me realize that mine is not as bad as it could be

I check the stove 3 times before I leave for work. Even if I haven't used it lately. My old roommate used to tease me as we were leaving the house by saying "you gonna unplug the fridge before we go?"

Which I do. However, your point is well made, EP is a case of "fiction is stranger than fiction".

I think you <I>should</I> write a book about EP! (With names changed to protect the guilty, natch.) Of course, with what goes on around here, anything you relate in print might get you accused of having an extremely overactive imagination.

You're right! -- If I collected all the twaddle I've written on this site I'd probably have enough material for another book.

I think you just did!

True, it was a limp cod. I'm thinking of writing a short essay about the adventure, naturally I'll call it, "The Codpiece".

Well, it <i>was</i> dead, so I'm sure there are no hard feelings.

Dignity? Dragging the concept of dignity into this story will be tough - frankly - I don't even think the cod had much respect for me! To be honest about it - I don't even know the cod's gender! Oh dear Cod, I mean God, it just gets worse and worse.

Indeed. Establishing a baseline is <i>always</i> a good methodology for obtaining truly accurate future comparison data. Even at the expense of one's dignity and a few brain cells.

Rather my original point, as I recall. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference, but at least I can say I've actually examined the reference point.

You'd have to <i>pay</i> me a grand to kiss a dead cod, dude. (And now that I think of it, some former boyfriends of mine totally owe me some large coin.)

I have had a grand life, especially in retrospect. How many EPeeps can say they played tag with a pair of humpback whales in a 100 foot wooden sailboat, and kissed a cod in the same day? As to the car door locks, both before and after I'm afraid.

Did this little neurotic adventure in Newfoundland happen before or after you kissed the cod?

Never underestimate the entertainment value of mental illness. To learn more, find

I can relate. Last night I got halfway home from work before thinking "did I lock the cafe?" I had to get off the bus and walk all the way back to check the doors.

My mum used to double, triple check locks too, especially when she used to lock up the shop she works in. She also had a thing about checking she hadn't left any lit cigerettes in the ashtray when she had left the house. I know that some of these things are understandable but she would return home so many times and even when she had checked she would still doubt that she had locked the doors or put her cigerette out. It used to annoy me sometimes because if I was with her she would make me walk home to check with her. I don't have OCD but I imagine it must be awful, especially the extreme cases you hear about. Like that Howard Hughes - poors guy.

It was a cheap joke on "A.D.T." No, I'm defiitely not ADD, thank goodness.

marji, my inlaws in England live like that. It's like a fortress. We live in Canada, in the country, by choice to avoid that way of life. I couldn't do it.

Sorry - just kidding. Actually ADD is one of the mental disorder I DON'T have. <br />
<br />
Ever heard the ADD prayer? Oh Lord, grant me the gift of patience, andgiveittomenow!!!

I have A.D.D. home security.

marji, how would you cope here, we never lock anything:)

Those people are so irritating. They don't spend enough time thinking about me.

On the other hand, a person with the self-obsession of Monk would drive me mad. I haven't seen much of it but I remember one scene where he was off-loading something to a woman, and she started to relate a similar experience. He just stared at her and said "Nobody's interested in your problems". It was supposed to make you laugh, but grrrr....I know too many people like that, it's ALL about them.

i forgot one ... if i use a curling iron, flat iron or clothing iron while getting ready to leave, it's inevitable i will get 10 blocks away and turn around to make certain it's unplugged.

i'm the same way with doorlocks - cars and homes. i HAVE to double check the house and triple check the car. it makes no difference where i am or how long i plan to leave it unattended and it's not like anything's in there... oh well!

I agree, OCD would be horrible to have to deal with on a daily basis. I also have to agree with your girlfriend, the triple checking the lock in the middle of nowhere is pretty funny. Though also the worse place to end up without a car, so may it's just practical ;-)