I used to have an obsession with counting things and numbers. As a child, I'd count every step I took while I was walking somewhere, I'd count the stairs at school, count the tiles in the ceiling, and count the number of letters in words and sentences and conversations. If I was eating small candy, especially M&Ms, I'd have to have the same number of them on each side of my mouth. When I was young, I'd only step on certain colored tiles in the mall, walking in a pattern to get where I was going. When walking on sidewalks, I'd be certain to take the same number of steps in each square of concrete. The list goes on and on. I like to think that I've gotten over most of these things, but they still come back from time to time. I've also never understood why my obsessions all have to do with numbers, I find that somewhat interesting.

LiquidNight LiquidNight
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1 Response Jul 17, 2007

OMG! I used to do the same thing! I knew exactly how many stairs were in each of my friends' houses! Now I take meds and it helps a lot.