Always Have...

I've always had little OCDs. I don't know where I get them from. I could say they come from my dad but if that's the case then they are hard wired in to my personality because my dad was never around when I was younger so it's not like I had the chance to learn them from him.

Mostly my OCDs have something to do with objects. It's not counting or anything like that it's the things I have or do have to be put or done a certain way. Like for example: My clothes. My shirts HAVE to be hung up...not folded...that drives me crazy. They all have to be hung up with the front of the shirt facing the left and they have to start on the lightest color of hangers and work towards the darkest (color goes right to left). My pants have to be folded. And the way they are folded is particular. You fold them in half so that both legs are equal and touching then you grab the bottom and bring it up to the waste then you fold them in half one more time and the left back pocket has to be on top. My socks can't be folded but have to be put in the drawer a certain way. And that's just my clothes. I do that with tons and tons of other things. The way I drive, the way I clean, the way I organize stuff, ect. I think about all of it and it just seems to me that there's a certain way all things should be done or a certain place things belong and so that's what I do. And for me...if someone is out of place or if I do it wrong it will bug me until I fix it. For example...if I'm making my bed. I have a particular order and way to do it and if I skip a step or don't do it exactly how "I'm supposed to" then I have to start all over and redo the whole thing. Or I won't sleep that night cause it will drive me crazy.

Anyway, I was told once that my OCDs aren't something to worry's only if they get to the point where I can't live your life anymore because of them...then you have to worry. So I'm's just annoying when I'm in a hurry lol

pepsi21addict pepsi21addict
22-25, F
Jul 21, 2007