Don't Know Which I Hate More...

I don't know which I hate more - the checking, the counting or the feeling like I'm crazy for checking and counting!  The checking is worst at night - 2 or 3 times around the apartment checking locks.  I've even gotten to where I put bells on the doors so maybe I can trust that even if they by some unknown miracle are NOT locked, I would hear someone come in.  And if I accidentally touch the lock while I'm checking that it's locked, I have to go back and make sure I didn't Unlock it!  The counting isn't as bad as it used to be (actually, neither is the checking - can you outgrow this?).  Now I mostly just count steps when I'm going upstairs.  So I guess I answered my question - I hate the checking the most or maybe the feeling crazy.  Oh no, another decision to make!  My brain, my brain!

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4 Responses Feb 8, 2009

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Your not crazy! Think about getting help! I COUNT AND CHECK SO MUCH! Yo when I go to bed, I check my locks, my closest my windows, EVERYTHING!! even under my bed.. -.- because i think someones there.<br />
Just try to get help, my OCD really flared down when i started seeking help!

Nah, you're not crazy, :P......BUT, lest it develop into something more serious, get some free self help. Internet, books.........good luck!

Have you tried seeking treatment for your OCD?