There Is a Way Out and After 10 Yrs. I Think I've Found Mine

Never give up!  New things that will help keep coming to light.  And if you find something you think is helping, and then you have a bad spell, don't give up on it.  It's just so scary when you think you're getting back to the bad place that it's harder to get out of it... but whatever worked before can work again.  That happened to me.

I've had really bad OCD, with anxiety attacks and depression, since about 1999 (some minor symptoms of it for a lot longer)... My life was miserable a lot of the time and I didn't expect it to ever get better.

I wrote on here almost a year ago about the medication lamotrigine/lamictal.  I thought it was helping but it was too soon to be sure. 

I'm STILL 95% ocd/depression free!!!  Before I tried this medication, nothing did much good, except that amitriptyline helped me sleep and maybe calmed me down some. 

I'm having very few side effects--major dry mouth is about it.  There was also some blurry vision but I haven't noticed it lately (maybe it went away, or maybe I got used to it.)  I felt a little lazy sometimes, but haven't noticed that lately either.  No weight gain; in fact, I've lost more than ten pounds, on purpose, without much of a struggle. 

I still think about my obsession subjects sometimes, but my mind just turns to something else, usually in a minute to 5 minutes, rarely a miserable day or two (the ones that last that long are down to maybe once every two months now).  Yet my bills are paid, my cats taken care of, etc... I can concentrate on the important things, just not the ones I've obsessed about so long and so pointlessly.


Those of you with a severe problem--Life can be good again; you just gotta hang in there until you find yours. 

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1 Response Feb 9, 2009

Thank you so much for sharing a success story. I am just recently diagnosed and it is so good to read about a light at the end of the tunne.