I Think I Have Kitchen Ocd !!

 I don't seem to have any OCD symptoms except in the kitchen, where I need all the jars and things in the cupboards to face forwards,  definitely no price-stickers on anything, they come off each and every banana and item in the kitchen.

And I arrange all the fruit and veges in the fridge so they are all facing "forwards" which for me I think means how they look their best.  I think its mostly a visual thing for me, no dreaded thoughts if its not done but I have rearranged and "tidied" other peoples fridges just slightly  so things are more orderly.   Mind you , I'm a Libra, so it could all be just a keeping things balanced thing.

But out of the kitchen I couldn't care less really, except they way my books are on the book shelf.... they too need a bit of re-arranging so they maximize their potential on the shelf...  you know,  where you want certain books to feel comfortable so you put them next to other books you think they'd enjoy being next to.....

what am I on about ?........... too much time on my hands......

I might need a glass of wine.     Anyways, I had a lover who had slightly more serious OCD and I adored all her little rituals but sympathize with everyone who is badly affected.

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4 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Hi, I had to comment on your story. I don't believe I have OCD, but like you I am also a Libra.<br />
I can totally relate to the things in the cupboards facing foreward, No price stickers, the Cutlery <br />
drawer disheveled and the Books on the shelf feeling comfortable next to eachother. Yes I even<br />
arrange other people's bookshelves. But just a little. What a crack-up.

I've realized after writing this last night that there are other odd things in the kitchen that I have my rituals for..... certain wooden spoons get used when I'm in certain moods, and yet I always like the cutlery drawer to be a mad jumble, I can't stand the knives , forks, spoons etc being in their special spots, I want my cutlery drawer a complete shambles and love tossing the whole bunch in there straight from the dish washer.<br />
<br />
the rest of my kitchen is orderly and kinda fun.<br />
<br />
phew !

Yeah !!! they even put them on furry kiwi fruit. I mean, come on !!!

Whoever decided to put those little stickers on every piece of fruit is the one with OCD!