Trying to Get Out of It

My OCD began about 7 years ago, after a very difficult and stressful period both at work and at home. At first, it was mainly a form of hypochondria, but after a while I began to have a rather strange kind of obsession: my privacy, especially on the Net. I was afraid other people could read my mail so I seldom logged in, just to give an example. I've never suffered from washing or counting OCD, my main problem has always been checking. I check if I have lost something valuable (especially documents) on my way around. I check the gas taps and the door many times if I have to leave the house, to be sure they're closed. I check I don't make mistakes in the papers at work so I proof-read them over and over. I must also say that sometimes this need to check is more compulsive, so I have to repeat it again and again to feel better (but as you know, it never helps). These days, it's got better because even if I've not fully overcome the pulse to check, I can control it more often as the pulse doesn't seem so extreme anymore. I couldn't say exactly what has changed, perhaps I'm unconsciously realizing that worrying is useless as bad things can happen anyway, no matter how many times I check. Of course I try to be strong, and resist the pulse to check over and over: I say to myself: this time, then no more! I don't think OCD can be completely defeated, but we can learn to control them and not be defeated by them. I've found cognitive-behavioral therapy to be quite useful. What do you think?

PurpleQueen PurpleQueen
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

I feel the same way! I'm so scared that someone on the Net is watching what i'm doing! Or can read my emails or whatever! I go to CBT and it helps, but it takes time. I'm sure OCD can be defeated in the long run, but i'm sure it will take some time. I don't washing-ocd, like you said, but I do count so much!

I've known several people with OCD and the cog-behav therapy does seem effective. Isn't it als a way of dealing with anxiety? Some people take anti-anxiety medication (Paxil is one) that reduces the level of anxiety for them. I knew a girl who washed her hands so much they were just raw. As for emails, there was this one man who printed every single email he got at work and kept them, but didn't read any of them! He got fired. Sounds like you have made some real progress. Stay with it. I know it's a perpetual battle.