I Hide My Ocd.

Okay, so my OCD isnt as bad. But come on, its horrible. lol

I count probably every 3-4 minutes now, of anything in general. IM SO PROUD! I used to count every minute or few seconds...but no more. Thanks CBT !

I used to have this thing where i would HATE to go over bridges, i would cry when i would go over one! But now i could care less, i think its so cool! now i even wanna bike over one!

I hide my OCD from my friends. Its really hard but only 2 of them know. I think its better if you talk about it, but i'm to scared to think of what my friends would think of me. I sometimes want to tell my whole school that i have it, but then im scared they would think im a freak, or somthing wrong with me. but come on! we are normal ppl! lol

Wow, i'm just going all over the place here haha

i twirl my hair a lot, is that from OCD? i really dont no haha

ummm ive had OCD for about 8 years now? pretty sure its 8 haha

im proud to say gthat about 25% of my OCD has gone away :) !!!!!!

im only 15. So im really happy.

I DONT want to live with OCD forever.

oh i count letters in a word a lot. llike how many letters there are in one word and icount it 3 times, because odd numbers used to be the best. but now i expanded on odds and evens, so its cool now :)

do any of you take CBT? i think it works pretty good

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My checking is quite varied. When I leave the house for a day or more, I check every plug and appliance to be sure they're off, and the locks to be sure they're closed. Now 2-3 checks are enough, but I've known times when after 10, 15 checks, I felt panic. Sometimes I even avoided leaving the house at all, with some excuses. <br />
I also check I don't lose anything valuable (documents, especially) when I go around. I often carry money in my pockets (I don't care losing them) so I don't have to open the bag and the wallet, fearing I might lose my ID card, or some other document. <br />
Having OCD is not nice, but I'm learning to accept it and this helps me controlling it. Like you said mayapie, I've never talked to anyone about all this, only here. I think sharing can help us!

by checking--what kind do u mean? when i first began driving--i was checking obsessively. every bump in the road i'd go over, regardless if i'd seen nothing in font of me--i'd pull over and check the side of the road a ways to see WHOM? or WHAT? i'd 'hit' with the car. i was always afraid i'd struck someone, mostly. tho no-one had been near generally, and if they were, i'd passed by them safely. this i knew rationally, but once past them my mind started playing tricks. 'what if i nearly hit them' like they 'ricocheted off and i hadn't noticed and they think they are OK but will realize grave injuries later....that was my kind of 'checking' or obsessing--over something that never came close to happening!! i have never gone into this much depth and detail in sharing this, my secret shame, that used to tear me apart inside. thank-you e.p. for this chance to do what i've done: spontaneously unload some of it as a comment!

Keep up the good work, girl! Little by little, is the best solution to face and overcome OCD. I could be your mother (considering my age) so believe me when I say that you can be proud of yourself for being able to achieve some goals. Don't get discouraged, and go on with CBT. It has been working for me as well, even if I have very different OCDs (checking). I don't talk about them with others as well, I'm afraid they would consider me a freak, but it's okay, because no one else can help me apart from myself! :)