Not As Bad As Monk But Do Have Ocd

when i was little my mind was a diseased hell with ocd. i wasted years of my life having everything even and saying things in my head and straightening and fearing. but i am making progress i have managed to conquer my ocd in a way that rather then hell it is more like a annoyance. it still bothers me a lot but i know i am going to be the first to cure ocd. at least i think i would be the first. if you have any advice or need any advice please contact me

feinarri feinarri
2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

did you know there is a disease similar to ocd called P.A.N.D.A.S? a rather cute and fluffy name for a disease lol. but yes i think that ocd can at least be locked away into your mind something very close to cured.

Wow I'm sorry to hear OCD has ruined your childhood. When did you find out you had OCD? It's a very hard thing to control I'll say that, but you can over come some of it. I don't think you can really cure OCD because it's not something you're borne with. It forms throughout your childhood. No one's really sure how but you can be as young as 4 and show signs of OCD. But I do know the sooner OCD is treated the less severe it will become.