Ocd Update

I haven't really written about my OCD lately so I thought I would type up a quick update on that. I've been on luvox and klonopin for about 2 1/2 months now. My Luvox was increased to 100 mg ( which I've said before I believe ), and my Klonopin was decreased to 1/4 mg. At first the Luvox gave me some trouble with my thoughts with the increase, but now I'm doing a lot better. My tharepist is slowly taking me off the Klonopin, and I only see him every 3 weeks now instead of 2. He said he's really impressed how fast I've seemed to except my OCD and how to deal with it. I mean yeah I still feel guilty, sad, irritated, or depressed at least once a day, but now I know it's just my OCD over exaggerating my emotions. Also realizing that helps to stop my thoughts, or helps me to feel better about them so I don't upset my self too much.




Well that's about it. I hope everyone is doing well


littlegirlinaBIGworld littlegirlinaBIGworld
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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

how does the luvox work for you? i first went on it last april and was on it until last june. it worked really well at first. actually, it worked best, as i was doing a cross-taper off of zoloft and onto luvox. once i was on only the luvox for about two weeks, it started to lose its effect. im with a new doc now, and he started me on luvox again just a week ago. ive also been on effexor for a while. so far ive seen no improvements. if anything, its slightly worse. i was also on klonopin for yearsss upon years. but i think b/c of that it started to lose its effect. i was also having panic attacks 4-5 times a day and made a few trips to the hospital. theyd give me adavan, so a few months ago my doc started prescribing me adavan. it works faster and has a stronger effect but it doesnt last for as long as the klonopin. now i only take the adavan if i need it. good luck with everything!