What I Do

1. If I drop my hair tie on the floor, it's gods way of telling me that it's time to get a different one or I'll have bad luck.

2 If I sing a whitney houston song my mom will die in a car accident

3. I have to hit the lock button on my car three times and see the headlights flash in order to assure my car is locked

4. If my text message doesn't send on the first try its gods way of telling me that they were never supposed to know what I was trying to tell them, and I can't ever bring that story up or tell them what I had to or else that person will leave me

5. I can't take my contacts out during a commercial

6. I have to check my closet repeatedly before bed

7. If I sneeze when I'm alone I have to say god bless you to myself or else the devil will be in my presence and emit evil onto me

8. I have to get in my bed from the right side or else i'll have bad luck

9. I wore a ring my parents got me for 3 months straight because everyone I went to take it off I saw them getting into a fatal car accident

10. At school I have to rearrange the items on my desk to a way that feels right to me

11. I can't text "mom" in T9 because it requires me typing the 6, 3 times (the devils number)

12. I can only set my alarm clock at odd times, like 7:01, 7:09, etc.

13. I waited til the 13th number while typing this because I can't end on even numbers


Tell me some things that you guys do!!!M

trytolovemyself trytolovemyself
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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

isnt it crazy how ocd plagues us to think that god, the source of all that is good, is evil? that it makes us believe that god is out to get us and is looking for us to fail and to impose bad luck and misfortune on us? isnt it ironic and, well, unfortunate?

This website is so fun! Haha I love that people understand what I'm going through! And with the whole "essence" thing I know exactly what your saying. I played sports my whole life and I always thought that if I let someone use something of mine or even if I touched someone in the huddle that they would take my talent or some of my luck away from me. I know that sounds so ridiculous that I could think like that and I know how dumb it is but when your in the moment its such a big deal! haha

Oh man, I know exactly how you feel. It's really bad. I actually share some of the ones that you have already but I have this thing where I feel that I have dropped something, even wile walking, and mostly its my essence that i feel that I dropped and I have to walk back to the spot and "reabsorb" it of I think that someone will take away a part of me or my luck. I have been a lot better after I talked to my Mom about this stuff.....really talked to her about it. She told me that no one could take this stuff away from me. I also told her that I was afraid that she would die if I thought something bad and she told me not to worry. <br />
<br />
My advice to you is to try to numb your mind when you feel these things coming and, this is VERY important, try to live your life the way that you were going to live it. This means ignoring the impulse to do whatever it was or wasn't. Trust me, it's really hard, but it helps so much. Think of how tiring it is to constantly be thinking of all of this stuff and how it is holding you back from just being yourself. Please try it if you can because I have been a lot better since I started desensitizing myself.