Minor Set Back =[

Well I was doing very well until these last few days. I've had my unwanted thoughts and slight urges again asking those "what if" questions and believing them. Then once I answer those questions negativaly, they keep poping up and some times new ones follow. I've been very irritable as well. I guess because I try my hardest in school and I'm still failing 75% of my classes. That doesn't help, so I guess that's why, but I'm trying to not pay attention to it...but sometimes I still wonder if I'm truely crazy...

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

First off, i want to thank you for sharing! I know its not easy to talk about your "ticks" and how they make you feel. Your not alone in the least honey and i think the best advice i can give you from a fellow OCD person...is to accept who you are! YOU WILL NEVER BE PERFECT! no one is...life is not meant to be lived thru perfectionion.. i believe its about accepting imperfections and once u start to just accept your ocd ticks..you will feel alot better about u! <br />
OCD is a "disease" as most professionals would tell you but its not something that you need to beat yourself up for! Honestly...what i have learned from OCD is that most ticks stem from something deeper even if you cant conciously make a connection as to how tragedy A led you to tick over something. Life is too short to dwell on the small things and if the worst thing you have going on are your ticks...i think your doing pretty well! Just try to stay strong and if you are having a bad tick day to where its almost crippling please know that i am here 100% to help u in any way and if you dont mind, i would like it if i could speak to you as well...from one odd ball to another lol...xoxo Dee

I'm sorry you are going through this. You are not crazy. It sounds like you know what your pattern is and it sounds like you are really stressed! Please be good to yourself. Thinking of you.