A Story About You

As kids, I met you at church. You came up to me and said, Hey My name is ******. What is your name? I looked at you thinking, Is he going to make fun of me like the others did to me all the time? No you didn't. The next thing I knew, we were walking to the sanctuary talking about what songs they were going to sing. Like every sunday, they played the same old songs.... But oh well. Who cared any way? I didn't. That same sunday, you went and hung out with the boys on the top chair section by the sound booth. I just sat outside because I didn't want to be around anybody there. The next time I ever saw you, you asked why I left. I just didn't want to be in a house of God knowing that I live with hell. It just didn't mix right with me. :(  

Over the years we became close friends. The first real friend I have ever had in my life. We shared emotional and hard times dealing with our family drama. Sibiling issues was yours plus your parents ways of dealing with things, and my step sister/step dad and actual dad and his precious ******* family was mine.  Man oh man ****** Did we get close. Not only that but the world around us brought us together because we look at the world different than most people. The things that made us different from what people wanted from us made us closer. Because of that I started to feel alot more for you once the age of 15 came around. I kept it a secret from you because I thought you would run away from me to be honest with you. 

When I found out you were moving away that year, my  dropped out of my body into the ground. I didn't want you to leave me but there was nothing I or you could of done.... During the years of you being gone, I thought about you every single day. I even had a diary talking about how close I was to you. I kept that around to remind me that No matter what happened someone still cares about what happens to me. I honestly thought you forgot about me during the years because I never had your phone number and Nobody ever told me where you went or how I could talk to you again ... :( But then....

One wendesday night you came back to the church! I was so shocked! You were there and you even came up to me and hugged me! The joy I felt!!!! I felt so happy that day that I could of cried knowing that you never forgot! So after having an hourish of talking, we all went home. 

Now, the next few years after you coming back is when things got very very deep. 

The things going on in my life got bad. Real bad. To where they almost locked me up in the mental hospital. 

Only you were there. And I again, kept falling for you. I still never told you about this. Because I didn't know what your reaction would be. Maybe he felt the same? But if you didn't it'd hurt too much. So I didn't bother asking. 

When I did tell you, you said you like me but not love. Which is okay. But know that I love you. No matter what happens. Even if your in another state now, AGAIN. Drew, I to this day in 2011 still wish things were ... . But to be honest, I know that It probably wont happen. Because you and I have a lot in common and together. But You have to remember that I have lived through the devils backyard. And I would NEVER EVER want you involved in anything from my so called family. just know, that I love you through out everything else.

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3 Responses Oct 27, 2011

That is so sweet, you told him about your love for him, at least he kinda feels the same way, my 'mate' told my crush I liked him (she didn't know how much I loved him) he said he didn't like me back so I live through seeing him daily :(

Well, I am an Oddly Tasting Man, may I be of service? ;)

Wow. That is beautiful, and so moving. And .. odd taste in men? I'd say you have -excellent- taste in men if this is an example of who you love.