Hitting Rock Bottom

i feel like i've hit the bottom because nothing seems to be looking up and i keep hitting walls.
first off i've been trying for an associates in forensic science for 4 going on 5 years and i try and try and i keep failing. i have a 2 year old son who's dad has been in and out of his life since we separated. he barely helps out financially.i hate my almost min. wage job. i live with my mother because i dont earn enough to have my own place. my mother has try and control my life always has. nothing i did or do is good enough for her. according to her i dont know how to take care of my child or feed him. every couple of months she makes me change his daycare because she always says there not taking care of him. while she cant help me because there are days she need to see her boyfriend. i try to take care of my child and give him the best i can to my ability. i've taken care of him mostly by myself since he was born and for some reason she says everything i do is to torment her and make her life a living hell. on top off all this i had moved on when i separated from my son's father and i meet a wonderful guy which i dated for almost a yr, who i did wrong and when i let time pass by i realized to late he was what i wanted for my family. with all this going on at the same time i dont know where to go or where to turn to make this all better sometimes i feel like cutting myself just to feel numb and all the emotional pain i have would go away. any ideas on were to start for things to look up for once.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 14, 2013