Until I Stopped Living...!

i often wonder HOW this happened to us ...usually WHY...then its HOW...
when one just come across ppl who are just starting their new life ..whos life is just brimming with activities they once dreamed of..or havent dreamed of...
it just makes one wonder HOW one stopped living ...
maybe its our high standards "either this or nothing"..or maybe the excuses"the depression,the escapism,,,,the bitter knowing about the weakness one has"...or maybe just this hopeless hope that someday someone is gonna breath into us the life we just lost......
i have realised this to be the worst disease one could have and it seems to be spreading like wild fire...we are starting to become a subtle monster waiting to lean on the other person's life...even worse draining out the happiness that they so worked for...

i pray that we change for the better of ourselves and the loved ones around us......by learning how to walk again from scratch
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Lovely n real lines ... expresses the feel with which you have written... Loved the line "we are starting to become a subtle monster waiting to lean on the other person's life".. Most not just lean, but posses and operate another .. and not only lose their individuality but also affect the other's individuality.


Whats going on? Are planes crashing?

no lol...dude u always rub the planes on to my face..im starting to get mad...!

haha..... but you can't do anything about it. Dude, become a teacher........

im flagging ur comment!


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I love it darling! Thanks for inviting me to read this lovely post. You're insights are right ON. Hugs and Care~

hugggs and love:))