Mom Was 36 And Dad Was 48 When I Was Born.

Mom was 36 when I was born and Dad was 48. On top of this I am only child. I am 26 now so you can do the math as to how old they are presently.
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My parents had 4 girls in a relatively short time span, within about 6 or 7 years. Then 15 years later, while my parents were in their mid -40s, they had me, their only boy. My parents said I was their surprise baby, my sisters said I was a mistake, an unplanned pregnancy. My sisters have always resented me, as I got treated differently, and had a much easier time at home than them. There was obvious conflict between 4 girls growing up in a small house with one bathroom, but when I grew up in the same house, they had all moved out and I had the place to myself with my parents. They said I was spoiled because I got every thing I ever wanted or needed whereas they had to share rooms, clothes and pretty much every thing else. That being said, it wasn't easy growing up with older parents. They couldn't do many of the things younger parents could do. I never went to Disney World, or had parties at my house, and everyone thought my parents were my Grandparents. It didn't really bother me so much until I got married, and started having kids of my own in my mid- 30's. While other grandparents would spoil their grandchildren and take them to parks and camping, my parents were in nursing homes. It's very odd to have your children and parents both wearing diapers at the same time. I am in my mid 40's now, and my parents have since passed on. My kids never got to spend a weekend at their Grandparents house like so many kids do. With my parents gone, I have no family because as I mentioned, my sisters, or their families, won't ever have anything to do with me. My wife is in a similar situation. She was an only child and her parents are gone. We do OK as our little family of four makes do, but Holidays are always difficult. On TV, in books, and in movies you see large families getting together for Christmas, and Thanksgiving. Our Holiday dinners are like any other dinners. Christmas is very quiet- there is no hustle or bustle. So I struggle with many demons: being an unplanned baby, having older parents, and having a family that's dis-owned me. When I read some of the stories from others who were orphaned and truly have no family I often think they have it worse off....but then I wonder, which is worse? Having no family because you don't or having no family because the family you have has decided you were never meant to be born in the first place, so therefore you don't really belong and don't want anything to do with you? I can imagine there's folks with older parents, or some who were mistakes, but I have had a difficult time finding anyone with similar unfortunate circumstances like mine. Thanks for listening. Add a response...

My mom was 42 & my dad was 43 when I was born. I am now 19 with 60 yr old sick parents & I can say it is definetley not easy!