Laughing Boy

In 2003, my grandson, Ryan was born.  I was there in the room when the nurse swaddled him and laid him in the warmer.  I got to hold first.  When I picked him up, his bottom lip was quivering like he was upset. After I held him, the quivering stopped.  He lived in my house for the first 3 years of his life.  I watched him learn how to crawl and then walk.  I taught him how to swim. We took walks in the woods together. We read stories.  We watched the Wiggles and Big Bear in the Blue House.  It was so wonderful to have him around, because he has a hearty laugh and laughs a lot.  He makes me laugh when I'm around him.

He moved away in March of this year.  He's only 96 miles away in Houston,so I still get to see him about once a month.  Now his mother and stepfather have decided that they are going to move to California to be closer to the stepfather's family, leaving me totally alone.  I miss him already.  I can't imagine what it's going to be like when they move to California, but I'm already feeling the anxiety of not seeing him anymore.  I just hope he doesn't forget me. I put his picture in my photos here so everyone can see how beautiful and full of life he is.

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No child ever forgets their grandmother.