Wow I Never Thought...

Hey let me start off by saying I am from a very small town.  I have never seen anyone with eye colors like mine and it is strange in my family.  Everyone on both sides of my parents family have deep blue eyes or light blue eyes.  The weird thing is my left eye is a different blue and my right eye is green a weird looking green.  No one has ever seen an eye color like mine.  Even when I went to get my license they didn't know what eye color to put.  The woman that took my picture said my eyes were brown and no one had ever said they looked brown before.  But the other lady said green and then they said it was both green and blue.  I would really like to know like the genetic history on this and why it happens.  The only other person I have ever seen with eyes like this is 2 of my cousins they have blue eyes (both of the eyes are blue)  but if you look into the left ones there is yellow in it.  It is really pretty.  I am happy my eyes are the way they are they are so beautiful.  They changed like that when i was about 7 or 8  it was really weird to like wake up and it be a different color.  I didn't notice it until a girl on my bus said  whats wrong with your eyes and I replied nothing.  She insist something was wrong and I asked what was wrong and she said one is green and the other is blue.  I was just really wanting to know why it just came up like that.

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Yep,that's pretty much what my green eye looks like too,although yours seems to have a more golden tone while mine leans towards the gray tones,but yeah,it's just like one of those jade rocks. People treat me like an oddity as well,but I guess we kind of are. I choose to think of it as a good thing. I'm also from a very small town,and I think that has a lot to do with it. People in small towns are usually pretty judgemental about anything unusual.