Wish I Could Have More

I only have 1 son. Wish I could have more but financial and health problems hinder me from having another. I am grateful that I have my son. He is a bright 8 year old boy and also a handful. He keeps me busy.
coolchic101 coolchic101
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1 Response Jan 5, 2012

I also have one, boy and he will be 8 next month. The years flew by :/ My husband and I got married at 18 and planned him at 20. I like to say "I forgot to plan the other one" but really I have been scared to have another one :/ We also encountered some health issues that we was very lucky didn't go beyond the pregnancy. Now I worry we would be adding stress to our easy going life style and what if I dont make it after birth :( Children are for sure a blessing. My son is so respectful and has always been a EASY child. I'm sure the 2nd would be hell..lol. I am also very greatful to have my son. What are your health problems if you dont mind me asking ?? I hope you have a good evening!