I'm So Blessed...

I have an exceptionallt true friend!  How many of us can actually say that?  She's not your run of the mill friends, by any means!  I met her at a mutual friends wedding some years back.  We communicated by email and AIM over the years and grew very close. 

Whats special about my friend Cathy; is she is selfless.  She's there for me anytime.  I could call in the middle of the night without fear of being impolite.  She'd just know it had to be important. 

I never have to worry about what I expose of myself, she knows everything about me, and still accepts me unconditionally.  She understands me, sometimes no words even need be spoken.  It's like a language of the heart!

She's never critical of me, in the sense of judgement or fault finding.  Although she'd give me a good kick in the *** if I need it!  She would come to my aid without request should I ever really need her! 

And I would do the same for her!  She's like family, only better!  Here's to you my friend!!!! I love ya!!

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That is fantastic. I want a friend like that.