My Little Brother, My Big Hero

I was donated to the system as a child, and my youngest brother was a mere infant, who was to know he would be the one and only person by my side when i am tossed aside by society and my family left to rot, alone and labeled.. Him and I re-met when he was a teenager, after that we were as unseperable as a brother and sister could get...he's a very intelligent man and also very creative in writing, he wrote a story solely about me and my battle through his eyes with what the gov't and society put me through.. I so truely love my little brother and appreciate every inch of help he tried to give me.. to bad the goverment wouldn't look at it.. Below is his writing about what he saw his big sister going through and living with...

WOWZERS!!!! 2 Blogs in the same day hah hah.. well i put these things up by people who truely love me as a human being and who have also tried to help me even tho not much help came out of their efforts *HUGZ* to the few who have shown me that someone cares...

My brudder is a true humanitarian.. tho we didn't grow up together or he didn't know anything about me til he was 16..he was kind enough to write about what pain i was going through in life and wrote up this lovely tear-******* moments memories of my life through his eyes:


The Systems Way : by Randall L

In a world of contradictions and malevolence,
a lone figure bares the brunt of countless assaults,
Singled out by past discretions not only of her making,
but continously penalized for being sentenced to a life
by the system.

From a young age forced from a family, by conditions that most would find appalling, and thrown into a den where she was taught to fear the
people who were suppose to 'save her'. Given no assitance once so ever she endures, through
years of mental and physical abuse.

Then one fine day she is blessed with a child and reunification with the family she should have known.
Only to be cast off again and left alone lost again in the world. Surprizingly she survives battered but not beaten. Once again she brings new life into her lonely world. Still the assaults continue on the young lady's mind without any guidance to show her the difference.

She grits her teeth and pushes forward, The system hovers and circles waiting for the moment to strike. Another year another beautiful child enters, but not in her world. The sun does not rise and her days remind darkened, TIme passes, and with the ticking of the clock, she recieves a reprieve, Her reasons for continuing on, return.

With a new hope, she begings to take the world by the horns, begins following her own heart and evades the watchful eyes of the system for a time.
Although physically free, the past continues to haunt her life. One cold day in her life one child chooses to leave, due to the confinements of her personal freedom. Tearing at the emotional wounds that have never been given the chance to heal.

Then once again an angel comes to bless her.
Then madness attacks, and a man she shared her years with leaves her after committing a form of adultery that would digust. Once again she stands alone in the maelstrom. The system plots. The cards fall, and her family begins to crumble. within a short time, Her youngest is the on ly one still held.
The system hovers. Althought she tends to her youngest's needs, both emotional and physical, correcting the mistakes she made from when she was without guidance.

Then within the following years she begings to renew the bond with two of her older children, and after a few brief moments with her one missing link, and continuous bariers. He is led to believe that he is not wanted. The system begings to keep surveillance upon her, and after increded scrutiny they found an excuse to tear her wourold apart. Now her time is spent suffering as she was taught, by the heartless world. No matter how much support she recieves.

I cry everytime i read this..he covered my whole history pretty good in his words.. But he is my brother and he was around for most of this.. He's a great writer..

Enjoy Its a good read.. I WUV YA BRUDDER!!!!! O X O X O X O X O X


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Feb 13, 2008