i have accumulated many online friends over the years of my activity on the internet.  One of the first friends I made, I still keep in touch with...and that's been nearly 10 years ago!  We used to email each other 2 or 3 times a day...this went on for a couple years...we spoke on the phone a few times....we had an amazing connection, friendship wise, and getting his emails ALWAYS brought a smile to my face, as mine did to him.  Now, we're both older, he FINALLY found him a good woman a couple years ago and i couldn't be happier for him.   His work keeps him pretty busy, so now we just catch up every few months or so. (i still can't believe it's been 10years! lol)


I also have online friends here (EP), a few of which are some of the best friends i have period...and hope to have around for the next 10 years (and longer!)  You guys are the best *hugs* :)

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thanks glance :D so do you!

thanks soonermom! i try to be :)

You sound like a good friend yourself.