That's Not All...

Not only have I only made love to only one person, my wife, I have only kissed one person. I had had a couple of dates before meeting my wife, but I was brought up to believe you don't kiss a girl till at least the third date, (this was a long time ago), which is probably why I never got to the third date! Anyway, my wife has been my one and only.

Unfortunately, I am also member of another EP group - I Live in a Sexless Marriage. None this century - it has now been 20 years. Now, you're probably thinking "What kind of geek is this guy?" Actually not that different to the next guy. We had a good sex life in the first half of our marriage, had three children now all adults, and then like many other marriages, things just dried up. We are now both 67, still married and living under the same roof.
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I am exactly the same as you. I married my wife 21 years ago and she is the only one I have been with. I dated 1 girl before her but nothing happened. We also have 3 kids who are grown up. Our sex life is non existent. I have been tempted to move on but I don't want to hurt my kids. It's difficult when your own happiness is at stake.