Losing My Virginity

This is just a little story about my life and the chapter on when I lost my virginity to the love of my life.

It happened when I was 18 years old and with the man I love...

But before all that... I met a guy in high school, sophomore year to be exact.

We met in English class when the cutie first asked to be my friend on facebook, I accepted (of course I accepted anyone who wanted to be my friend just so I can say I had 600 friends -_-).

I remember it like it was 3 years ago (which it was).

"Hey, do you remember what we had for english homework?" He asked

"Uhhhh, I think we were supposed to read chapters blah blah blah...." I said

"Oh, okay cool beans.. But, uhh, do you think I can get your # so that I can ask you about any homework in the future?" He asked

"Oh yea, sure... ###"

Anyways, we started texting. First, about homework, then about my pets, then about his family, etc etc.

He was nice, a nice guy, not popular, liked to talk, and really out of the box.

I liked him... But as a guy friend.

We hung out a lot afterschool, mostly me saying I was going to hang out and him tagging along.

One day I had to stay after to make up some work and I invited him to accompany me. Afterschool we walked to my class and I made up my work we talked a lot and laughed, he made me laugh... A lot! Soon, I was finished and we left the school and sat outside the school. My mom was coming for me, but I decided to tell her that I had to stay after a little longer..

We ended up chatting it up for FOUR HOURS...

We talked about nothing and everything at the same time... We laughed and just BLAHHH! It was wonderful!

I went home with butterflies, I had NEVER felt this way before...

Soon after, he asked me "do you wanna go out?" (that stupid phrase young people say, omg).. Anyways, I said yes, but I guess I wasn't ready for the whole public affection like holding hands and kissing in public and telling everyone we were dating, I am just not a HEY I'M HERE! Kinda person.

I guess it was too soon for me. And I guess he was trying too hard too. I guess he thought that I expected that and I guess thats what I thought he expected as well.

Anyways time moved on, sophomore year to junior year to senior year and now, well, now.

It was my first semester of college, and of course me being with my boi for over 2 years at the time, I knew I and he were ready.

We always played around (who doesn't?). Being touchy feely, experimenting with each others bodies. And at the time I was really conscious and not very zen with my parts, but he was able to bring at peace (he is always telling me I am perfect). Anyways, we would play around, foreplay, but never coitus. No bumping uglies, the deed, beasts with two backs etc.

But, honestly, I feel kind of bad now thinking about it, at times I guess I wanted to get it over with and never thought of his needs... or mine. But he always managed to calm the situation. We managed to keep it at foreplay until finally one cold day in november, he brought the condoms. At the time before he used to "I forgot them" routine. But, yes that day he brought them..

And soon, we were nude (well, from the waist down). He slid the condom on, we did a little more kissing and coddling, he asked me 500 times if I was ready me saying yes every single time and finally the lightbulb met the sockit.


There was no pain. Which I expected because apparently EVERY SINGLE FEMALE has had some form of pain from v-card annhialation. But, not for me. Another thing, he lasted a while, which is considered extremely weird because apparently boys only make 10-30 (if they are lucky) seconds with their first time..

But no pain and a decent session. We tried different positions and it was nice, I loved him and he loved me..

And I still have no regrets to this day... Oh, yea... And I am still with the guy... Going on four years next year.

P.S. I hope that everyone can have an experience that I and him have had.

P.S.S Don't do anything until you know for sure you and your partner are ready...

TahliaHarper TahliaHarper
18-21, F
Sep 15, 2012