49-year Old Near-virgin - How Sad Is That?

I never had much luck with women, and thus was still a virgin when I got married at 22. Despite a marriage that's been crumbling for many years, I've been faithful throughout. So here I am at 49, having made love to only one woman in my entire life. We haven't made love in like 6 years, so I barely remember how.

I'm moving out tomorrow, hoping to restart my love life (lots more to it than that, of course), but not sure if I'll be able to "seduce" anyone.

Update 2/10/2013: Well, I guess I have to resign from this group now ;-)
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Maybe you can start a new group. I hope you can name it "I finally made love to the Right person".

That person, no... basically just a fling; we broke up a few days later (for unrelated reasons).

I'm now in an actual relationship (6 weeks or so) with a really super girl. I don't know yet if she's the Right person for me in a happily-ever-after sense, but we're having a lot of fun (and a lot of sex) finding out...

Congragulations! I wish you luck and love.

Here's where I would send you the cheering gesture! :)

u lik male or female as friend

Hi again. You are not alone. I have a similar story with similar insecurities. If you feel you would like to talk please message me. It helps to know you are not the only one going through a tough time. 😊

Time to exit. Dont spend the next 49 with her.