Just A Friend? Victim In Bed?

I just got in contact with my bestfriend (who's a girl) after she returns for a 9 month long trip, and she doesn't view me the same way. She has a girlfriend now who I'm jealous of but can't tell her that because we are just friends. She doesn't look at me the same way but says she loves me in both a friendly manner and I'm so in love with you way. Before she left it was that situation of we're in love but to afraid to say it because we're just friends. But we known each other for 4 years and she just met this girl 2 months ago and she tells me how good the sex is with her and everything. Don't doubt for one second that we didnt have sex but it is was making love to me because my emotions and feelings and were caught up in it but it seems like to me, she just considered it sex. This is breaking my heart and I'm very confused. Please help!
ladybug0078 ladybug0078
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013