And She Was My First(of Course)

and my last (for a long while)

and i didnt act like how people said i would....

they all said "man when you do it your gonna be a freak"

and mostly guys said this when i told them i was a virgin and i didnt want to lose my virginity -.-.... they seriously get on my nerves -.- trying soooooo hard to convince me to do "stuff" with them

idk y they assume that when u lose your virginity that you'll automaticly want more and will do anyone and everone O.o.....its not true -.-

now i'm still technicly a virgin

and i tend to keep it that way

forever O.O(no fine not that long DX but when and if i'm ever ready)

which makes it hard because thats all most guys and girls want -.-....

but i guess i have to keep looking....

MorbidxMalice MorbidxMalice
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 13, 2008

And thats why the first time for many sux. Take your time and be with the one you are ready to lose it to. And your experience will be perfectly imperfect :)

You will know the right one and the right time.