I Think It's Special

I have been with the same woman for almost half my life. She is now my wife and i believe i love her. Ha, that doesnt sound like i'm convinced.

Well i can't decide whether it is something special that i/we would never have in any other relationship, or whether it's just sad and i'm wasting my life.


Heellover Heellover
36-40, M
4 Responses Dec 5, 2008

It's a rarity- be enthralled with it and love her!

I think that's wonderful you found the right person on the first try, is their another one like you around for me.Lol

* * * I'm confused * * *

Your not wasting your life, its born within you, you cannot give it up, I know i've tried, but I would be very careful how you tell your wife, mine found out the hard way.