Only One :)

We gave one another our virginities about a month ago. It still hasn't felt good for me yet... but eventually I suppose :P I love him so much though and neither of us want to do it with anyone else. ^^ (I can't wait to actually feel some sort of pleasure from it... ha ha ha)

Azurehearts Azurehearts
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I've started to kind of enjoy it <br />
Its difficult because we're in a long distance relationship and can't do it that often but we're getting there :P

thank you to the both of you ^_^<br />
<br />
yeah auroraaustralis, I'm trying my hardest to bear with it. We've only did it 3 times so far though (we're in a long distance relationship) the last time we did it I bled... we think he finally broke my hymen... I guess we'll see next time :P

Haha AA...sound advice <br />
<br />
Azurehearts- This really made me glow. Thanks and all my best wishes.

Foreplay! And lube and plenty of practise :) Just do your best to stay relaxed and have fun with it, dont take it too seriously. You will get there! You have the most important base covered - a man who loves and respects you, the rest will come (so to speak!) ;D