My Awakening....

What it comes down to played me. Somebody finally had me open my eyes to that fact and stopped me from making up excuses in your behalf. It's reality no matter how hard it is to swallow. I have no choice but to accept it as the truth. Also accepting the fact I was the only one who cared. You taught me a very difficult but important life lesson.

It hurts tremendously but hopefully one day I will be able to start healing from this. I hope.

Not allowing me closure is completely insensitive of you. It's made this process a lot more difficult for me. Thanks for that.

I will do as you wish and leave your life completely. You are no different than the rest.....a wolf in sheeps clothing. I was stupid enough to fall for it. My fault not yours.

You sure surprised me. I never saw this coming. One of the only surprises i havent enjoyed.

It's been one hell of an emotional roller coaster. Good luck and take care.
hadyourchance hadyourchance
36-40, F
May 10, 2012