My Alter Ego

I am a darling wife with a dirty hidden secret. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 24 years now and I have been the model wife to him and mother to our two beautiful daughters. I created this page so that I may have a place to share my stories with people that will not judge me.

Sex with my husband has been nothing short of ordinary, the usually run of the mill positions and typically married couple sex. I am a stay at home mother with a secret past. My Daddy was worth millions when he died, we never knew until I was contacted by his lawyer after his death. My father left my $14.2 million in his will. I was the only recipient of the money as my mother had left him years before. He was a small time stock broker that made a few huge investments and kept it all a secret afraid that my mother would divorce him and attempt to take what wasn't hers.

I was so shocked at the amount that was left to me that I was afraid to tell anyone about it. You know how family and friends get when you suddenly come into money! I told my husband he left me $600,000 and we put it away for our girls college funds.

Six months after securing my money in a hidden high end account, I started living a double life. I rent a two bedroom apartment across town, a secret get away if you will for myself. Not that there was anything wrong with my marriage or home life but I had bigger asperations for myself then just being a stay at home mother.

I started visiting bars from time to time near a certain college campus searching for young meat. There is nothing better than a viral young man to make me feel alive and treat me like a *****. I would stalk my prey and convince them to come back to my apartment where I would let them **** me any way they wanted. The sluttier the better.

I have been doing this now for 10 years and my family has no idea. I don't intend on ever telling them or stopping. I just needed a place to share my stories and meet others like me.

More to ***........:)
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sounds exciting ,would love to learn more about you