A Stroll Into The Store

This is one of those good stories about living with someone with PD.

If a picture paints a thousand words, well this video speaks volumes about how happy i was to video this.


It's been a hard road. My mom let PD really get to her the past 10 years. After a couple of trips to the hospital (absolutely horrible, PD and hospitals do not mix well) the most recent on New Year's Day, and the gradual reduction in her overall ability to get out  - first reliance on a walker, then dependence upon a wheelchair - there wasn't a lot to draw inspiration from and give us hope for improvement in her day to day routine.

I've taken a lot of criticism for being so hard on her, consistently pushing her to do things for herself as she became increasingly reliant on the assistance of hired care providers. While i do consider this a personal achievement, proof to the naysayers who have expressed their belief that my mom should "be in an assisted living facility that offered professional care" that the best place for an aging family member, especially one who suffers as my mom does, is at home, with family members who have personal insight to what is "really going on" with their loved one.  Make no mistake that it's my mom who deserves all the credit for this small, yet significant achievement.

My mom rocks!!
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So your mom went from being in a wheelchair to walking w/the rollator? That is significant. Congratulations. Is that your voice we hear?<br />
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Assisted living is suggested because caring for someone 24/7/365 isn't for everyone. I tried it & I sucked @ it. If you have the unlimited patience, physical strength & mental resilience to do it, great, good for you. It just seems that not everyone is cut out to do it.