My Dad Has Parkinsons, Left Home And Know Has A Gambling Addiction Due To His Meds

I'm 23 and my father was diagnosed with PD three years ago. He hid it for some time I found out. He hasn't been the same ever since. He left home 6 months ago because he wanted a divorce from my mom just as i got back from college wanting more than anything to see him. I didnt speak to him for a long time. He is up to god knows what as well. Not only that but his medication made him addicted to gambling and he has put our family in serious financial sturggles. He is the worst person to have PD ever. Because he is uncapable of receiving help, wont stop taking the pills that give him the gambling "side effect" and wont even talk to my mother about it. We are all liable for his actions because they arent legally divorced and every time my mom wants to talk about this with him he treats her like ****. I think she never stopped loving him I suppose until now, I don't know. Even though he has cheated on her, before things went awry six months ago. I found out about the cheating before I went off to college I didnt really deal with it cause I was far away. But their relationship reallly deteriorated after it. I just dont understand his sense of entitlement. He feels that everything he has done so far is the right thing, though in reality he has selfishly torn up a family, been unfaithful, and put in jeopardy the financial safety of his family. His money problems are so f*cked up... our money problems. Ive gained like 25 pounds with all of this I'm severely depressed and don't know what to do. I'm trying to find a job but am not successful. I can't seem to move on from the fact that we were once a beatuiful family and that was all taken away. Sometimes I wish he were dead. Then I feel guilty because of his illness. It musnt be easy. But he's taking us with him to hell and back. Worst part about all this is my little brother who hasnt spoken or seen my father in months, and doesnt even know that he's sick or about his gambling problem....

sorry about the long post, hope it didnt bother too much.
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Hello, you may find help from a group called Dad had a gambling problem due to PSTD from being a combat solider..many families have been able to turn their lives around from this group..they should be able to advise your mother on the legal financial issues he has Dad finally stopped drinking and Gambling...

parkinson can be a really terrible disease. your father probably needs that medication to move . f not he will be a prisoner in his own body.
i dont know on which medication he is rght now. but dopanin agonists are better in momotherapie as levodopa , dealing with the side effects ( oversexuality , gambling) etc

dont give up on your father. he needs your love !!