Living With Parkinson's Is a Nightmare to Say the Least

hi i am a 45 year old woman  who's been living and batting with Parkinson's for about

21 years and quite frankly  i have had enough of this disgusting - torcherous - brutal  -

evil disease    i Hate it with a Passion !!!!!!!!!!!!    

i'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired         it's basically ruined my life

it's robbed me of precious time  - time i cannot get back  ever !!!!!!!!!!

i take 30 pills a day  -  there should be better meds out there    this disease get's the

least attention and funding than any other disease    why is that  ?    i'd  like to know !

te meds  give you so many other problems - symptoms  - side  effects  -  whatever ...........

i know something  about ths disease - meds - pharmaceuticals - doctors -  bio chemists and

so on  -  that  most of you  probably don't know !

to be continued ....................................

dopaminegirl dopaminegirl
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3 Responses May 29, 2009

I looked into your profile cause of the "dopamine" title.<br />
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I have a personal thing with "dopamine" and my stay in the mental hospital. <br />
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I was forced to take anti-psychotics, and thus have learned how toxic they are. Those things are a literal chemical straight jacket for your mind. <br />
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I don't think there are very many medications that are actually any good. I don't think the body "heals" with concentrated chemicals, I think health lies in nutrition, not druggs. <br />
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Good luck though, I wish you the best.

@gabbybabylon<br />
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Please do take a look at this horrific "mobility disorder". dopamine girl and I will both attest to how greatly over looked this disease often is. It's wonderful what Michael's doing, and I believe it was last year that even NASCAR sponsored his research, which is big bucks, no doubt. But still, at the every day workable level, there are times where I feel like I know more about PD than any of the Neurologists, Primary Care physicians, specialists and assorted medical personnel that i come in contact with as I care for my Mom. Last year, my mom called 911 a couple of times when She "froze up", when into "off mode". The EMTS did their job, but had little notion as to what was actually going on even after informed of my Mother's affliction. It took me 2 hours on her last trip to the hospital to finally be able to give Her the combination of 1/2 of a Sinemet 25/100 Quick Release, 1 Sinemet 50/200 controlled release, 1 Comtan, and 1 Mirapex (sometimes with a 400mg Ibuprofen chaser LOL) to get her movin' and groovin' again. Everybody knows that right?<br />
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To whoever might read this, feel free to take a look at PD. Because Dopamine Girl's got it right.: PD is one evil ***** that can ruin a person's functionality, the drugs can ruin their mind, all the while, stressing otherwise healthy bonds between family members and friends to the brink of destruction if not beyond.<br />
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Love You DG!!

Dopamine Girl, I think You ROCK! PD has been the worse thing to ever happen to me in my life...and i don't even have it! Now i'm not going to be all emotional or pitiful for Your lot in lite. Because this disease feeds on it. You'll do fine. I got a feeling about You. You be the best Dopamine Girl that You can be and I know You will have the rewards that life offers. No mercy. No fear. Attack life like it is Your favorite dessert. I believe in You. You inspire me by just being You. <br />
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Thank-You,<br />
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