I Hate It

I have a really severe case of osgood schlatters disease in my left knee and then it flares on occasion in my right (but that doesn't matter). I am female and was diagnosed when I was 12. That was 3 years ago. At the time I was a competitive gymnast working out 20 hours a week. After severely weeks of rest and 2 months of light workouts my THIRD doctor looked me straight in the eye and said that if I didn't want to have knee replacement surgery along with patella surgery for my 18th birthday then I needed to stop all sports. I still haven't gotten the okay to run, or jump. I wear a brace 24/7 and over the years I have been on many different anti inflammitiories and pain killers. I have also failed (as in the docs have been unable to fix me) physical therapy twice. Because the osgood schlatters is so severe, the tendon pulls on my growth plate enough that it cracks about once every two weeks. In case osgood wasn't bad enough, I suffer from skeleton immaturity (my bones and even teeth are approximately 2.5 years behind in development) so the doctors have know idea when the pain should subside.
shlyvers shlyvers
13-15, F
May 23, 2012