Hip Osteoarthritis (help! Advice Please)

Hi, I have osteoarthritis in both hips at the age of 43. Having been very active all my life and played Football and Squash competitively for 25 years I am now in a bit of a mess. My surgeon has said that I can have both hips replaced if I want with a gap between operations of 2/3 months. Yes I am in pain, struggle to put my socks on, wife cuts toe nails, can't cross my legs and can't pick objects up off the floor and cant ride a bike!
On the other hand I sleep OK and once I am on my feet I can walk very well for 5 miles with no noticeable limp if I walk slowly. In a big dilemma!!! do I get them replaced or hang on?? I am a PE teacher and therefore once their done I need to be careful. Any advice or what you have done or would do in my position would be much appreciated.

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Hi I have the osteoarthritis in my hips and knees. I feel for you. It is sooo painful and the worst part is not being able to do what you want to do. I asked to get new knees since I use to love to run. I was 43. My dr said I was too young so I should try to preserve it as much as possible. It's very depressing to me. I am always exhausted to the point I'm on the couch which is not like me at all!!! Do you get tired as well?? I wish u well. I think is you can get new hips and feel better it is something to consider. I wanted to get new knees!!!! Lol!!! Lots of luck. Sammy

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In my opinion, nothing should ever replace nature if there is an option. You are so young- and, according to the Wikipedia article, hip implants can bring serious problems, such as dislocation and bone mass loss. I wonder if there are any alternative therapies available that might help. If I were you, I would try anything rather than make a highly risky- and irreversible- decision.