Wheelchair Bound- Help

My son (13) was diagnosed with Osteochronditis Disscans in his left knee and elbow. He has not been able to use crutches and is wheelchair bound. He cannot weight bear at all on his leg and is in constant pain. It is has now been 12 weeks and no improvement.

 The arrogant specialist we saw yesterday ( who didn't even read the doctors or physio reports) insists my son should be over this by now and the pain is now in his head. Can anyone tell me how long they had it for and what were there pain levels like.
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I just posted my story to the main page (Two boys.. OCD in both knees) <br />
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In short, my son was just put in a wheelchair a month ago. He has to stay in a wheelchair until March 1st. He will have another MRI and if there is no improvement he will be casted (BOTH LEGS). That is what I am afraid of. <br />
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The only support I have is.... My sister is an orthopedic surgeon. She cried when she heard the diagnosis two years ago, and has been in search for answers ever since. If there is any help out there, she will find it and I will pass it along.

Hi my husband has this condition in his 2 elbows 2 knees 2 shoulders left hip and right ankle he is in enormous amounts of pain all his joints apart from shoulders have so far been operated on and he can no longer weight bear he has been like this for 5 yrs now so the specialist has it all wrong i would ask to see someone else I'm sorry but it doesn't often get better

Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your husband.
I'm 21 years old and live in Norway (so exuse the miss spelled words), I have had pain in several joints for mmore that two years now and thanks to a falling insident a doctor found out I have osteochondritis dissecans in my left ancle. I've been waiting a long time to get help and now I'm finally going to a specialized hospital. I was wondering if you could tell me something more about your husbands condition, because I expect I have ocd in both ankles, both knees, left shoulder, right elbow and maybe also in my left hip.. I have the same pain, locking sensation and stiffness in all of these joints, and to be honest I'm really scared about my appointment on the 30th of this month..
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