I just got done reading some stories people had written about there osteochondritis dissecans experiences so I thought I should share mine I find my story unique, just as I'm sure everyone else fines theirs. My story is kind of long but worth reading.

I was diagnosed with OCD as a sophomore in high school. I was a 3 sport athlete from the age of 5 all the way up to that point (not including snowboarding, wake boarding, mountain biking, skate boarding, skiing etc..) The begining of my junior year I had holes drilled in my lesion which was located on the bottom interior part of my right femur (Which I understand is where most cases occur). Before I go any further I would like to mention that my highschool life and part of my college life were very troublesome. I got into a lot of trouble legally mostly because of drug use.

During my recovery from surgery I was idiot and didn't take it seriously. I smoked pot and drank booze very regularly. Smoking pot was a daily thing. Little did I know doing this slowed my recover, actually it prevented my recovery. I was non weight bearing for about 5 months and than slowly began to workout and play sports again. And by sports I only mean cycling, and baseball. I was able to play basketball but that wasn't until about 10 months post surgery, where as baseball and cycling where being done at about 7 months post surgery.

All of this activity I was doing (competively) was being done with a severe amount of amount of pain. But I didn't care that much because the pot smoking and anti-depressants I was taking made everything all better (so I thought haha).

After high-school in my first 2 years of college my knee seemed to slowly get better. I continued to play basketball, cycle, started lifting weights and running for about 45 minutes at a time, I even did construction full time for a living. During the school year when I wasn't doing construction I worked out anywhere from 60 to about 240 minutes a day. Yes, 4 hours a day sometimes of basketball or cycling with some weights mixed in, even if it meant working out 2 times a day. This was not all done pain free by the way. Basketball and running bothered my knee. But not, bad enough to where I complained.

However, during this time in college I saw myself get into even deeper trouble with drugs. I started using pain killers heavily, a little coke and a little bit of other over the counter drugs. I slowly spiraled downward into the harsh life of being addicted to much harder drugs than pot (which had been my drug of choice up until I started abusing pain killers). I was what they call a functioning drug addict.

On May 5th, 2013 I decided I was ready to get clean. I continued to exercise and play sports just I had previously been doing before I decided to get clean. Everything was going really well (or as well as it could of been being in recovery) until around November 2013 I went up for a rebound while playing basketball and came down hard on my right knee banging it on the court right where the OCD was. I tried getting up and bam! The pain was just as bad as it was pre-surgery some 5 years back. Within about 2-3 days I had to use crutches the pain was so bad. For about a month I was on crutches (this was done under my own diagnoses). Once I was off I slowly started cycling and continued lifting weights, which I had been doing while I was on the crutches. (YOU JUST CANT KEEP A BROTHA FROM DOING WHAT HE LOVES YOU FEEL ME!!!!)

I than decided it was time to try and play basketball again. I shot around and did some dribbling drills for about 20 minutes. Everything seemed ok afterwards. When I woke up the next morning the pain was absolutely terrible. I was back to square one I couldn't walk again. This time I went to go see an orthapedic specialist. actually about 3 or 4 of them. They took X-rays and an MRI, and low and behold they found the same OCD lesion that had previously been there. They said that the original lesion didn't heal properly and at this point in time it's never going to heal even with proper surgery and rest. All of the specialists I have seen say it is one of the biggest lesions they have ever seen.

This diagnoses was given to me in January for the first time. It has been about 7 1/2 months since than and I am still absolutely devistated. I CAN NEVER run, play basketball, baseball, snowboard, hike, play football, mountain bike, ski DO ANY HIGH IMPACT SPORTS AGAIN!

The amount of depression and insecurity this has causes is to much. I have lost so much. My friends who I lost because of my decision to get sober. This included my best of friends that I had known since kindergarten. All of my friends I made at school because I decided to change schools. And now all of the friends I lost that I had made through physical activity.

Despite that, I am still able to swim (which I don't anymore because it kills my lower back), some cycling and some weights, nothing that requires too much impact. As time has gone from the basketball incident my knee pain is slowly getting worse despite all the muscle I have been building up around my knee. I am an Exercise sports science and nutrition major at Oregon state university. So my knowledge about the body and how it heals is very good. I am very worried I am going to have to have yet another surgery on my knee.

This raises two problems though. First being that this surgery will not fix my problem, it will only act as a pain reliever, I still will not be able to do any other activities that I am not currently doing. And second being the most important to me is that I am currently 15 months clean, and I know if I get surgery I will have to take some kind of pain killers. I don't want to lose my sobriety and yet another important thing in my life.

I am desperate for help, answers, experience, guidance anything you may have to offer please message me. Thanks for reading my story I hope you were able to understand it. It is late and I wrote this very fast so hopefully you got a sense of what I am dealing with. Thanks, Ethan.

Diagnosed with OCD in 2008 at age 15
Underwent surgery in 2009 at age 16
Starting using hard drugs in 2011 at age 18
Have now been sober for 15 months and am currently 21 years old.
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Aug 24, 2014