Osteochondritis Dissecans

Hi I am lucky I don't have this but recently my husband has been diagnosed with this and there is not alot of information out there or any support groups

He woke up 1 day in july 2005 and couldn't straighten his left arm. We went to the local hospital to be told nothing showed on xray so after another 2 years of going back and forth to the doctor and hospital in severe agony he was eventually referred to an ortho surgeon who ordered an mri which showed loose fragments in his elbow and so here was the 1st operation in feb 2008.

In october 2009 he woke to find that he had lots of pain in his right elbow  we thought this can't be happening again as we were told that this was a 1 in a million chance so we trod back of to the orhtopaedic surgeon who orders another mri scan and 2 weeks later he goes for op number 2

We are informed that this is very rare and we are in total shock as he is now in complete agony and weight bearing is impossible but the best is yet to come

It is now 2 weeks to christmas and he has started suffering lots of pain in his left knee so another trip back to see the local gp and wait on the appointment to arrive to go see the consultant once more and once again he orders another mri scan But before we get the results he rolls around in agony with his right knee but we put it down to using this to much as it hurts to much to put weight on the left

It is now February 2010 and we go back for the results only to have our lives shattered and be told that the has this in both knees and he will get a double knee operation in the next few weeks so walking with aids is not an option as he has it in both elbows

We now wait on word to go for a full body mri to see what other joints this 1 in a million disease is in  .

 4th january 2011 Its been nearly a year since i wrote this story  We got all the results back from mri  and disater struck He has been confirmed with this condition in 2 elbows 2 knees 2 shoulders left hip and right ankle He has had surgery on all but shoulders  that is next on list but all to no avail H e is in constant agony 15 pills a day and can't weight bear at all  It is so heartbreaking to watch this I just worry when it will hit the other joints 

And after all the doc said 1 in a million chance to have in 2 joints

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Wow i feel so sorry for your husband.. i have double knee OCD and i dont think i have it in my elbows..had no symptoms so far. Ive just had one operation on my left knee to drill holes for the blood flow but i hope he gets it all sorted! its horrible to have makes simple things really hard. <br />