I Have Osteomylitis

My name is ike Iwas told by my Dr that I have O/M and was sent to A/E at the local Hospital Where the attending DR told me I had to go to another hospital for treatment for O/M only the surgon that caused the O/M said I did not have O/m and sent me home.  Then 5 weeks later the surgon  rang me and told me to go to the hospital for treatment for O/M this involved 12 weeks of IV  flucloxacillan total of 20 lts of the stuff yes it had turned into chronic O/M the reason for the operation was the surgon had redoo a big stufup he had done befor ( he fused the wrong joint) after 8 months of treatment I am now clear of O/M and out of pain so there is light at the end of the tunnel so to all other O/M sufferes chin up 

ike13 ike13
Mar 24, 2009